Alcatraz has changed the way companies use access control systems by providing a touchless authentication solution, leveraging artificial intelligence and analytics to modernize their access control and physical security technology

Next-generation design to modernize your access control security
Ease of Use

Easiest end to end biometrics to deploy in access control.

Visibility and Insights

Complements, modernizes and extends your investment.

Trust and Confidence

Technology focused on privacy and compliance. Enforces the "Zero Trust" philosophy.

Flexible and Extensible

Enables you to plan and scale for the future.

Mask Enforcer

Alcatraz can control access independently of facial authentication, by checking whether an employee is wearing a mask as they are badging in. Since the Rock sits between the badge reader and the ACS, as employees are badging in, a badge number continues being sent only if mask verification has occurred, eliminating the need for a guard to enforce compliance in the new norm world.

Superior data management and control

We support the Alcatraz platform with customizable hosting options that support any organization’s needs.

Cloud solution
Configures devices to securely “phone home” to the Alcatraz cloud without gateways or extra hardware for quick, easy installation. The system creates and stores profiles “on the edge” (in the device) and backs them up to the Alcatraz cloud, eliminating the hassle of profile management.
On-premise solution
Configures devices to securely “phone home” allowing your organization to deploy and manage Alcatraz completely within your own IT infrastructure. The system creates and stores profiles “on the edge” (in the device) and backs them up to your local server, giving you full control of all device and profile data.
Integrate with ease
By way of a proprietary profile-on-demand system, the Alcatraz platform eliminates the need to separately manage user and badge data in the access control and biometric systems through a proprietary profile-on-demand system. This system connects each profile to a credential upon enrollment before then distributing that across all devices on the system and automatically updating them, if modified.
Rock-solid privacy and security
Alcatraz encrypts biometric data as a proprietary template and stores it only for the purposes of facial authentication. The process is fully compliant with the Information Privacy law as well as GDPR. The system is tamper-proof and always backs up in real-time.
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