Meet the Rock. Leveraging the power of the human face
Powered by AI

Connects seamlessly with fast and easy implementation.

Our robust access control unit combines superior intelligence with a modern design. Powered by machine learning at the door, the Rock insurances real-time authentication, analytics and access control.

Multi-Sensor Technology

Video at the Door

PoE Powered

Wiegand/OSDP Outputs & Inputs

Tamper Detection

Multi-Sensor Technology

2D and 3D sensors onboard for capturing data, the Rock’s analytical prowess outclasses other security options. Get ready for incredible accuracy and effortless user interaction.

Bring AI technology to every door for precise identity verification:

Facial Authentication:

With 3D facial mapping and deep neural networks, the Rock can authenticate users in real-time for the smoothest experience possible.

Multi-factor authentication:

Pair it with any third-party badge reader for a 2F or 3F security solution in more restricted areas.

Tailgating Detection:

A long scanning range and field of view allows the Rock to detect and prevent tailgating. Auto-tagging and alerts allow admin to address concerns without the need for specialized guards or other hardware.

Autonomous Enrollment:

AI assembles profiles based on a few device interactions. This creates a streamlined enrollment process that gets the system up and running quickly.

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Areas you can secure
Deployment options right for your business.

With customizable hosting options, Alcatraz AI can support any organization’s needs whether you are upgrading an existing access control authentication or implementing new.



Configures devices to securely integrate with the Alcatraz AI platform without extra interference for a seamless installation. The system logs profiles “on the edge” (in the device) and stores them in the Alcatraz AI cloud, for easy profile management and storage.



Bring the power of the Alcatraz AI technology into your IT infrastructure. Customers can manage devices, users and profiles from the easy to use browser based interface on PCs or mobile device on their network.

Why customers love Alcatraz AI

We are confident that utilizing The Rock’s touchless authentication and the frictionless security system will give each BrainBox AI employee peace of mind when returning to the office.

Jean-Simon Venne

Co-founder and CTO

BrainBox AI

Our security department maintains a safe and secure hospital environment for patients, staff, and guests. We realized that badges were unnecessary and removed the physical factor in favor of facial biometrics as a single-factor authentication for reduced friction. Alcatraz AI’s technology has been 100 percent effective in helping us go touchless at MLKCH.

Mark Reed

Director of Support Services


We are excited to work with the Alcatraz team to bring the future of security to all LAFC facilities. We will be implementing the touch-less building/space access solutions for our personnel to automate contact tracing and real-time mitigation all in one device.

Christian Lau



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