March 28-31, 2023

Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

Alcatraz AI at ISC WEST
Visit us at booth 28063
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Discover Autonomous Access Control

Alcatraz AI provides an autonomous access control experience by leveraging the unique power of the human face. Our product delivers single or multi-factor facial authentication solutions to automate secure entry while detecting tailgating.

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Feel interested about the product? Have questions? Watch the Alcatraz Rock in action. Contact us and we'll schedule an in-person or virutal demo so you can see first-hand how easy it is to deploy and use.

Bring AI technology to every door for precise identity verification:

Facial Authentication:

With 3D facial mapping and deep neural networks, the Rock can authenticate users in real-time for the smoothest experience possible.

Multi-factor authentication:

Pair it with any third-party badge reader for a 2F or 3F security solution in more restricted areas.

Tailgating Detection:

A long scanning range and field of view allows the Rock to detect and prevent tailgating. Auto-tagging and alerts allow admin to address concerns without the need for specialized guards or other hardware.

Enrollment Intelligence:

AI assembles profiles based on a few device interactions. This creates a streamlined enrollment process that gets the system up and running quickly.