Field Operations Engineer
USA, preferably middle of the country near a major airport, able to travel to either coast weekly
About Us

We're an award-winning, Series A startup, backed by Silicon Valley VCs, as well as some of the largest security companies in the world. We are disrupting the twenty-one billion dollar access control industry through facial recognition and artificial intelligence. Our product is a frictionless and secure physical access control platform built with our proprietary full-stack software and hardware that integrates into the existing security infrastructure in corporations. Enterprises choose us to modernize their infrastructure and deliver a touchless and secure solution for their employees.

Field Ops Engineer key responsibilities
  • Manage project delivery:
    - Engage with Alcatraz Sales, Channel Partner and End User contacts to review project data and ensure readiness in advance of solution delivery.
    - Facilitate the Channel Partner’s implementation of the Alcatraz solution by coaching and training the installers, checking installer’s work and assisting with logical configuration and testing. Assist with troubleshooting and problem resolution as necessary. Serve as subject matter expert during project delivery.
    - Participate in End User training as necessary and ensure comprehensive turn-over to Dealer and Alcatraz Operations and to the End User.
  • Since the Alcatraz products are new and processes immature, in the immediate term the Field Ops Engineer is instrumental in achieving high Partner and Customer satisfaction by providing a white glove service. The Field Ops Engineer will normally be on-site during project delivery therefore weekly travel can be expected.
  • Help document and continually improve our project delivery.
  • Prepare a retrospective after each project delivery with observations and suggestions for Alcatraz product and process improvements that will improve the Partner and End User experience.
  • Participate actively in the continuous improvement of Alcatraz Partner and End User documentation and training materials with the ultimate goal that Channel Partners can design, order, deploy and support Alcatraz solutions self-sufficiently.
  • As the goal is for Alcatraz Partners to operate independently, over time the white glove service should become unnecessary for mature solutions and existing partners but we can expect it to be continually necessary as Alcatraz introduces new products and features, onboards new partners and for particularly important and high profile projects.
  • Metrics & KPIs: Partner and End User Customer satisfaction scores exceed 90%; # projects turned-over per month > 9 at capacity; # product, process, documentation & training improvement suggestions submitted per month; # delivery-related service tickets generated during first six months post project delivery = 0. Customer & Partner Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Key skills & experience level for the Field Ops Engineer
  • B.Eng in Electrical or Computer Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum five years experience, preferably ten years, working in the physical security industry specifying, designing, and commissioning access control and video management systems.
  • Experience with physical access control systems such as Lenel, Software House, AMAG and Genetec.
  • Experience with ONVIF cameras and video management systems such as Genetec, Avigilon, and Milestone.
  • Prefer experience with biometric solutions such as fingerprint, iris, and facial authentication.
  • Experience with device (e.g. camera, IoT sensor) installation in the field, cabling which includes crimping/terminating and testing end-to-end integration.
  • Experience with switches, routers, TCP/IP protocol, monitoring tools (e.g Wireshark), and Windows Servers/Clients.
  • Strong networking background, can configure or debug computers and edge devices to communicate over Ethernet, via static or dynamic IP, able to resolve firewall (port blocking), subnet, NTP or DNS issues.
  • Must be able to read engineering installation manual, schematics and communicate design intent.
  • Experience with PoE/PoE+ injectors, Cisco POE switches.
  • Can debug wiring misconfigurations and bad CAT-5e/CAT-6 Cables. Can inspect badge reader wiring to ensure that they are intact and working optimally.
  • Exposure with customer IT room, IDF, patch panel terminations and closet dressing.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with both non-technical and technical personnel.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong customer focus.

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