Tips to Futureproof Your Building’s Access Control

Your access control system is a substantial investment for your company, not only financially but also for your organization’s protection. Whether you are designing your system from the ground up or contemplating making changes to your existing systems, here are some tips on future-proofing that investment.

Choose flexible and scalable platforms

While you may not need to expand your system or add new features today, you want to choose a platform that offers those capabilities should you want to add them in the future. If you are expanding your system and adding new hardware, such as biometric readers or turnstiles, ensure these systems have the flexibility to work with other access control systems. You do not want to be locked in or be in a situation where “rip-and-replace” is your only option.

Expand the User Interactions

Hiistorically, access control systems are designed for ease of use by the administrator and installer. As the overall use cases of the systems have evolved, the users have as well, and this should be a focus area for future-proofing your system. Organizations can extend the value by leveraging the complete feature sets provided by the access control system. These include automating the access request process through an employee web application or internal website or using over methods for entry, such as a smartphone or facial authentication. The employee or visitor now has a more personal experience with the system. There is value created by removing friction from the entry process and the overall credential request and management process. 

Leverage multi-purpose technology

As you evaluate the systems and technology you will deploy, it is best to seek those that can provide multiple capabilities. For example, if seeking a visitor management solution, it would be in your best interest to identity systems that can also do space reservation and other workplace management services and workflows - maximizing the value of our investment. Similarly, with a facial authentication solution, providing additional functionality above simply confirming identity provides expanded value. Whether you leverage this benefit immediately or not, you have it available to you when it becomes a need. 

Controlling access into your facility and protecting your organizational assets is a significant function and requires a considerable investment of resources. By ensuring you choose flexible systems with high user interaction and leverage multi-purpose technology, you will receive immediate value and protect your investment over the long term.

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