Minimize Modern Banking Concerns with Physical Security Systems

Credit unions and banks have long used cutting-edge technology as part of their physical security efforts. However, with crimes becoming more and more sophisticated, the technologies used to defend against them in the banking industry must follow suit. 

The question is, how exactly can today’s financial institutions ramp up their bank’s security to rise to the challenge of combating the advanced strategies of bad actors? The answer can be summed up in one word: biometrics.

Biometrics is the automated identification of people. With physical security systems that use biometrics, financial institutions can enjoy a higher level of security—one that safeguards your back offices’ and branches’ equipment, data, and other vital assets.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about how to update bank security by leveraging biometrics.

What Exactly Does Using Biometrics for Bank Security Involve?

Biometric physical access control works by assessing individuals’ physical characteristics to trigger their entry to secured areas. Biometric systems utilize identifiers like facial authentication to scan credentials before granting or denying admittance.

This next-gen technology is relatively new, but facial authentication—compared to using fingerprints, palm veins, or iris scanning, for example—is the most precise biometric when it comes to development, advancement, and ease-of-use. One-to-few matching ensures the user's face and its properties are in the database prior to authentication.

Why Facial Authentication Is So Effective for Bank Security

Each person’s face is inherently unique—no two faces are the same—and that’s why biometrics like facial authentication is so effective. This type of technology makes it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to manipulate your bank’s security system to gain access to your most essential assets. 

Standard door locks provide an insufficient level of security, as identification cards, key fobs, and keys can easily be tampered with or stolen, therefore making the lock ineffective. Biometric physical security systems provide a much more convenient and highly effective workaround for today’s financial institutions.

Where to Use Biometric Systems in Your Bank

A top-tier biometric system that uses artificial intelligence has several uses for banks. For instance, you can increase your bank security by using a biometric system to grant or deny employees access to your building as well as to the vault. Likewise, you can use this system to control gate access during the daytime, provide visitor authentication, or determine who can access your institution’s safety deposit boxes. 

Likewise, biometrics can be used for controlling access to your institution’s data centers. Biometrics can even be used for keeping your bank employees’ attendance and time.

Safe Vault Steel Door

What to Look for in a Bank Security System

A facial authentication solution like the Alcatraz Rock is ideal for protecting your financial institution’s spaces with identity authentication powered by artificial intelligence. You can use this solution to secure all areas of your facility. This particular product works by detecting the security breach of tailgating, where unauthorized individuals follow authorized parties to enter areas that are typically closed off. 

The Rock also secures every restricted area to keep both your bank’s cash and your data from being stolen. This technology comes with reliable and fast employee verification that mitigates risk while also enabling the uninterrupted flow of access. The solution additionally offers the benefit of being touchless, therefore reducing health risks by decreasing touchpoints. 

Implementing a New Physical Security Technology

Over the years, big banks and other enterprises have invested several million dollars in their physical access control systems, and they deploy these solutions vastly among their expansive real estate portfolios. Most of these companies use the conventional proximity card reader, and some utilize mobile technologies along with traditional biometrics. Fortunately, their investments don’t have to automatically go to waste just because they decide to transition to a biometric system, like the Rock.

Here’s why.

Alcatraz AI’s Rock has a one-of-a-kind architecture that enables customers to leave what has already been installed on their premises. Instead of removing their old technology, they can simply add on Alcatraz AI’s technology to their existing hardware or access points. The Alcatraz AI Rock doesn’t require integration. With added real-time alerts against tampering, migrating to a biometrics-driven bank security system can be seamless from start to finish.

Why Choose Alcatraz AI for Your Bank Security Needs?

At Alcatraz AI, we are excited to improve banks’ and other organizations’ physical security while also providing a frictionless experience. Our autonomous access platform is designed to work anywhere, from financial institutions to data centers and even stadiums and arenas

Perhaps you’re looking for solutions to increase your security, modernize your current access control solution, maintain compliance, or even create a post-pandemic touchless environment. We’ve got you covered with the Rock at Alcatraz AI.

Benefits of the Alcatraz AI Rock for Bank Security

Alcatraz AI  enables frictionless access control using our award-winning, impenetrable edge solution, the Rock. The Rock is compatible with any new or existing access control system and enables the following:

– One factor, Touchless Authentication: The most highly secure and accurate credential - your face, for passively authenticating without stopping. 

– Multi-factor Authentication: Your face is your credential, in combination with any other type of reader - to seamlessly open secured spaces where 2FA is required. 

– Tailgating Detection and Prevention: Instant notification and audit of unauthorized entry. 

– Autonomous Enrollment and Administration: Leveraging AI at the edge, we streamline enrollment and ease of use.

These features come together with other Alcatraz functions to facilitate a safe and secure environment, bringing your bank operations to modern standards.

See firsthand how easy the Alcatraz AI Rock is to deploy and use at your institution by booking a demo today.

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