Our Mission

Alcatraz' mission is to make authentication secure and frictionless. The platform is scalable, fast, easy to integrate and works with existing access control systems. We use computer vision and artificial intelligence for real-time decision making on the edge. Our algorithms constantly improve with deep learning-based analytics at the core. Alcatraz starts with physical access control, replacing current badge and biometric readers. Over time, we will be adding more applications in a wide range of verticals.

What we value


We want people who like to own products from start to end. Work accross different parts of the stack. Pitch for help wherever they can contribute, and take pride of their work.


We work with cutting edge technologies. We push ourselves to adapt to change and adopt new technologies. We’re more afraid of losing an opportunity than by making mistakes.


We value people who are unafraid of speaking their thoughts, seeking help from others, and receive feedback with an open mind. We ensure that our culture cultivates this value at all times.


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