Replace badging as an access point identification method by leveraging facial recognition, 3D sensing and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations.

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Secure Facial Authentication

Alcatraz uses real-time 3D facial mapping and deep neural networks to automatically enroll an individual based on any current access control method. Entry is granted based on secure facial recognition with first in the industry instant one-factor authentication for multi-person in-the-flow sensing.

Tailgating Detection

Long scanning range and large field of view authenticates multiple faces in-the-flow and alerts based on policy. Auto-tagging and real-time notifications with video and analytics, along with single-factor face-only authentication create an efficient and guard-less entry flow.

Time Tracking

Automatic employee check-in based on multi-person in-the-flow sensing. No more punch cards — time your hourly employees based on secure facial authentication.

Intelligent Enrollment

Industry first initial training based on artificial intelligence. Swipe an already deployed company-wide badge once. Enrollment is complete within a second.

Security is our top priority

Alcatraz is built from the ground up with security, safety and privacy in mind. Biometric data is encrypted as a 1.5KB proprietary template and stored only for the purposes of facial authentication. It is fully compliant with the Information privacy law, as well as the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC). The hardware is tamperproof and always backs up real-time

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